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Mydrel Kyenshi
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I haven't been playing u150 for very long. In fact, I've been playing for little over a month. Haven't been to any events, the only decklists I've seen are the ones that were posted on the u150 facebook page. So please take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt, for I may just be insane and have no idea what i'm talking about.

Mysterious fossil's errata to be able to evolve into any fossil is nice. Fossil pokemon are already a bit low on the in-theory playability ladder simply because fossils can't be searched by most cards that search for pokemon, and giving them an extra chance at getting their "basic pokemon" is good.

However, Mysterious fossil's allowance for being used as a 4-of in decks is what I'm most concerned about. I don't find it broken. It's not overpowered in the slightest. What it does, however, is break the flavour of what u150 is trying to do, at least I think anyway; Force decks to rely on competent use of search cards and smart deckbuilding to achieve consistency rather than just spamming their lists with as many copies of their main attacker as possible. I'll give you an example of what I mean.

I remember a while ago i was attempting to build an Ampharos-based damage spread deck. It was going really well, I had picked the 6 best Ampharos that had decent attacks while having good damaging/disruptive/supportive abilities, picked out the 3 flaaffy that I owned and the 2 dark flaaffy that I would have to use to maintain consistency and... Well crap. There were no variations of mareep aside from normal, no-strings-attached mareep. No dark mareep, no owner's mareep, no holon's mareep, nothing. I was stuck with a 4-5-6 line, something that my gut told me would never work, for obvious reasons. So I had to make sacrifices to keep my line competently made. I ended up going with a 4-4-5 line, made possible by the inclusion of surprise time machine, and everything went well.

Now assume you're trying to make a Kabutops deck. You pick out your Kabutops, get your 4+1-4-5 line ready, but then you realize you'd want to add, say, some aerodactyl and some omastar, due to the former commonly having support abilities, and the later often pairing well in theory with kabutops. What you COULD do is run your 4-4-5 line of kabutops, your 3-3 line of aerodactyl, and your 2-2-2 line of omastar, but why would you? All you need is a 2-4-5 line of kabutops, 1-3 line of aerodactyl, and 0-2-2 line of omastar with 4 mysterious fossil to fill the gaps, making your basics essentially wild cards. Why not add a 0-1-1 line of that platinum rampardos while we're at it? We can do whatever we want because we have no restrictions.

I personally don't like that this is an option, especially considering how no other pokemon line has anything like this (except maybe eevee, but you're locked in at 4 eevee + lt. surge's eevee), but people may have different opinions. I'd like some discussion on this, have ideas thrown around.

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Alright, I think I know what you're talking about here.

For me the main issue with fossil-mons is that most of them haven't been updated since gen 4 and its left a lot of them miles behind in power levels, Omastar, Kabutops, Armaldo, Bastiodon and Rampardos to give the list in full.

A 4-5-6 line of Ampharos is fine. With 2 functional copies of Rare Candy you are more than able to prize or discard one or two Flaaffys since you have sufficient enough to have a full plate of Ampharos if desired still. 4-4-5 probably does make more sense though once you've tested it a bit.

The last part is the trade-off for fossil decks. Yes, it's a bit harder to search for them and if you're item-locked you can't play them from hand, but the advantage is you have a rather wide range of what to evolve them into. There are also Stadiums and some fossilmons that can skip you bothering with the Fossil altogether! Twist Mountain, Strange Cave and things like exSandstorm Omanyte and Lileep come to mind.

Running only Mysterious fossils is risky, especially as you run more and more things that have to evolve from them. Running the Dome and Helix Fossils are highly advisable because they can evolve themselves turn 1.

For the mentioned 4-5 Kabutops (not sure about that from a practical standpoint, I think only the 4th gen item-locking one is any good!) 3-3 aerodactyl 2-2 omastar 1-1 rampardos, I would run a full set of Dome Fossils, two Helix and four Mysterious. This gives you maximum chance of being able to use MT Kabuto's Fast Evolution turn 1 and have plenty more fossils for everything else.


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Mydrel Kyenshi
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Yeah, I guess they do have to worry about item lock and such. I just didn't like the variability of mysterious fossil. Sure, toolbox decks are fine, they're my personal favourite decks to build, but with their versatility and wide array of answers to an opponent's attackers should come with the risk of not drawing the right basics for your evolved attackers, getting lower consistency from more clutter in your deck, etc. When you can alleviate both of those problems easily, it just doesn't seem right.

And the kabutops deck was completely hypothetical, don't worry about it.

But regardless, there are a surprising amount of ways that the older fossils can be made useful, accounting for the power creep. Many of them have abilities that lock evolutions or certain types of trainer cards, and others have incredibly high-damaging attacks, like Rampardos PL, Tyrantrum FFI, Archeops PLB, etc. Plus Omastar always has some sort of support effect or an attack that either helps your other fossil mons or has a better effect with the more fossils you have somewhere. And like I said, it's less that I think it's too strong and more that I think it's just going against what this format is trying to do.

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I see what you are getting at Mydrel but in my opinion it comes down to what you really want out of the format, if you are looking to play a competitive format then you could make the arguement that fossils should be restricted to keep a level playing field or you could argue that being allowed multiples increases the card pool as more fossil pokemon become "playable". If you're just messing around for fun then you could just decide with your own playgroup just restrict fossils if it's an issue.

I really don't see it as a problem, U150 is a singleton format with some exceptions. Namely, Arceus, Plasma/React energy and Mysterious Fossil. Now whilst not much discussion needs to be had about arceus since it's literally printed on the card, the ability to play multiples of Plasma/React and fossils allows for more decks to be played and encourages a more stage 2 based stratergy (Something that whilst not explicity stated and is waning but was definitely in mind when creating the format). Not only is this good from a competitive standpoint by increasing the card pool but it's also good from a casual standpoint as it allows for more interesting decks to be created.

Like you said in regards to power, most fossil pokemon aren't getting there in terms of being viable let alone breaking the format. The three examples of attackers you listed are, in my opinion, pretty unplayable for multiple reasons namely being slow to set up and being too "fair". The best fossil pokemon in the format (again, in my opinion) are those that are already easy to get out or provide a powerful effect when they hit the board. An example of this is Jungle Aerodactyl and to a lesser extent Cradily PLB and Aerodactly MD. 

Moving forward, we may see fossils become restricted to fall in line with the singleton rule but I highly doubt this will happen unless fossil decks become too strong and removing their set up options would bring the power level down. If such a thing did happen then I think the react/plasma energy count would also have to be reduced but again doing such a thing would harm the format rather than help it.

As a side note, don't worry about running top heavy evolution lines. As someone who has had some success with an ampharos deck in the past the deck really benefits from having multiple options and the (in my eyes) format staples "Surprise! Time machine" allows you to switch up your board state if and when you need to


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