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Being a Pokemon TCG collector for nearly 20 years and a TCG player for about 15, i found it time to do something different besides getting frustated by the current format, the game and the way Pokemon USA are killing the game (imo), so i thought by myself "why not give unlimited format a try"?

I proposed this at my local gym and after a positive response from the players i went home and cooked up this deck (after a failed attempt at a crobat snipedeck). Please be so kind to rate it, and give suggestions to improve it.

So here it is:

1 Spiritomb (AR)

1 Dunsparce (SS)

1 Baltoy (GE)

1 Claydol (GE)

1 Uxie (LA)

1 Cleffa (N1)

1 Igglybuff (N2)

1 Erika's Dratini (G1)

1 Dark Dragonair (TR)

1 Holon's Castform (HP)

1 Holon's Electrode (DS)

1 Squirtle (RG)

1 Squirtle (SW)

1 Squirtle (PL)

1 Squirtle (BCR)

1 Wartortle (RG)

1 Wartortle (PL)

1 Wartortle (PLB)

1 Blastoise (BS)

1 Blastoise (PL)

1 Blastoise (UL)

1 Blastoise (BCR)

1 Clamperl (LM)

1 Huntail (PRC)

1 Keldeo (BCR)

1 Suicune (PLB)

1 Articuno 17 (ROS)

1 Manaphy EX (BKP)


1 Bebe's Search (RR)

1 Holon Adventurer (HP)

1 Interviewer's Questions (UL)

1 Fisherman (HS)

1 Brigette (BKT)

1 Roseanne's Research (SW)

1 Korrina (FFI)

1 Pokemon Collector (HS)

1 Underground Expedition (RR)

1 Judge (UL)

1 Copycat (EX)

1 Professor Oak's New Theory (HS)

1 Teammates (PRC)

1 Twins (TM)

1 Lysandre (AOR)


1 Pokemon Breeder (BS)

1 Professor Oak (BS)

1 Mr. Fuji (FO)

1 Bill (LC)

1 Misty's Tears (GC)


1 Computer Search (BS)

1 Computer Search (BCR)

1 Pokemon Communication (HS)

1 Item Finder (BS)

1 Rare Candy (PLB)

1 Super Energy Retrieval (N1)

1 Superior Energy Retrieval (PLF)

1 Energy Retrieval (AOR)

1 VS Seeker (PHF)

1 Escape Rope (PLS)

1 Professor's Letter (XY)

1 Goop Gas Attack (TR)

1 Gust of Wind (BS)

1 Pokemon Circulator (UL)

1 Pokemon Catcher (DEX)

1 Night Maintenance (MT)

1 Evosoda (XY)

1 Windstorm (CG)

1 Junk Arm (TM)

1 Time-Space Distortion (MT)


1 Level Ball (NXD)

1 Heavy Ball (BKT)

1 Luxury Ball (SF)

1 Ultra Ball (FLF)

1 Dive Ball (PRC)


1 Energy Pouch (FCO)

1 Float Stone (PLF)

1 Fluffy Berry (UF)

1 Focus Band (N1)

1 Focus Sash (FFI)


1 Broken Time-Space (PL)

1 Rough Seas (PRC)

1 Dawn Stadium (MD)


14 Water Energy

1 Recycle Energy (N1)

1 Splash Energy (BKP)

1 Cyclone Energy (SK)

1 Scramble Energy (DX)

1 Warp Energy (AQ)

1 Resque Energy (TM)


Thanks in advance for any positive comments.


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Sorry, Interviewer's Question was swapped for Roseanne's Research but i forgot to delete it :/

My bad


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Probably one of the best first attempts I've ever seen, nice job!
At a glance, I'd say Muscle Band is a must in almost any deck. Lysandre's Trump Card is good to counter the discard pile decks (e.g. Banette ex) and gives you another way to restock your Water energy.
One Pokemon suggestion is Floatsel GL Lv.X. With that in play, the only thing a KO'd Pokemon loses you is the prize, you get everything back ready to replay with Rain Dance or Deluge!

Blastoise was one of the most popular decks in the early days of the format and there's still plenty of scope for any deck that can dump unlimited energy into play in one turn, especially with all the high-performing Fire decks around now.

Hope testing goes well for you :)

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Oh this website still exists.

Anyway, Blastoise is a good deck. Strong, consistent and simple to play against most things. Gets some really explosive turns where it can just snowball off board power alone.

The deck is most effective if you go for the ultra-consistency route, which means having as much as you can that assists the main strategy. Your Pokemon, trainer and energy base are all good, only maybe having a few corner case cards that could be replaced for things like Lapras (ex Legend Maker) and Skyla (Boundaries Crossed, BREAKthrough) - I'd take out things like Focus Sash (only goes on Claydol and sometimes won't help anyway) and Recycle Energy (only ever provides a Colorless, no real application outside of being used for retreats)

One thing I like doing in Blastoise, Magnezone and Emboar that is worth considering is running Power Tree (ex Legend Maker) and replacing all of the Special Energy for basic Water - this gives you not only a 4th Stadium but also a way to get back an extra Water each turn for Deluge purposes.

If you are worried about the vs Grass matchup you could try using Lugia and Lugia BREAK (both Fates Collide) as an non-ex attacker that is weak to Lightning unlike most of your deck excluding a couple of the Blastoise. Articuno (Roaring Skies 16) is a strong energy pivot that can also swing for repeated 100s. I'd advise replacing things like the Dark Dragonair line and Igglybuff for these - they're a little bit outdated now.

The rest of the list looks really solid, hope you have fun playing it and improving over time.


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Thanx both of you for the fast replies :)

I see some interesting things i didn't think of. Thanx for that too.

I'll test this list first to see where i get stuck (i have a small gym with few players so i'm not worried for difficult matchups...yet) and then try if i can fit in (some of) your suggestions.


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Is anyone here? does this website get used anymore? I like this format

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Checking back a year later. Looks like no one else is here :/ if anyone else finds this dead website, meassge me, we can play this format over webcam or something :)

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