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I have an idea for a deck that scales grass energy with only one attach. Basic strat is start something that can setup and has free retreat. Use it to get out a fossil > Lilleep > Cradily (Plasma Blast) and lifesplosion out a Sceptile (Great Encounters) or (coming in october) Venusaur (Shining Legends) in order to make its 1 energy count for 2. Hopefully next turn use Lifesplosion to then take 2 more stage 2's (whichever of those 2 you didn't choose plus another stage 2 grass attacker.) Then simply use pokemon with high attack costs or energy scaling moves to hit big numbers fast for a single energy attach, and easy max potion potential. Sceptile is interchangeable with Meganium (Neo Genesis).

In order for this strategy to work, however, I would need an official ruling on how the abilities of these cards interact.

Meganium's (Neo Genesis) Wild Growth Pokemon Power States: "As long as Meganium is in play, each [G] Energy card attached to your [G] pokemon instead provides [G][G]. This power stops working while Meganium is Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed."

Sceptile's (Great Encounters) Wild Growth Poke-Body states: "Each basic [G] Energy card attached to your [G] pokemon provides [G][G] instead. You can't use more than 1 Wild Growth Poke-Body each turn."

Venusaur's (Shining Legends) "Lord of The Jungle" ability states: "Each basic [G] Energy card attached to your pokemon provides [G][G] instead. You can't use more than 1 Lord of the Jungle Ability each turn."

Do these abilities stack? As in, theoretically assuming that all these abilities can be used simultaneously anyway, would 1 energy stack to 2, then 4? It is my impression that is would count that way. (I would use Sceptile and Meganium in the same deck in order to multiply the energy to either 6 or 8, however Meganium's Pokemon Power counts as a Poke-Body, therefore being nullified by Sceptile's Poke-Body.)

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They would have stacked if it was "Each basic [G] energy provides 1 additional [G] energy".

  The wording is providing them to stack because of the "provides [G][G] INSTEAD of [G]"

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